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Terry Marks

Sculpted by Terry Marks

Tell me about yourself?

I am a 5th generation Staten Islander, married with one grown daughter. After working in the banking industry for over 44 years I finally retired two years ago...and I'm loving it!!!!

How did you get started sculpting?

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep fascination and appreciation for the arts. Since kindergarten I have always had a pencil or brush in hand and attended many art classes at the Staten Island Museum while in grammar school. In high school I majored in art and did mostly painting and collages work. It was a small private school and we didn't have a kiln or pottery wheels so when I received two scholarships to the Brooklyn Museum I chose to take ceramic sculpture classes.

After high school I took a few (art) classes and then 10 years ago, decided it was time to get back into things and started taking ceramic classes at the Art Lab. I also wanted to meet other local artists and be part of the arts community so I joined the Staten Island Creative Community and served as treasurer for 6 years. I am still a member and value all the friendships and contacts I have made over the years. For the past three years I have assisted with the SICC Second Sunday Spoken Word program and publishing the SICC Journal of Literature and Art and, for the past year send the bi-monthly newsletter and update the group's website.

What inspired your craft?

Inspiration comes from many sources; a random shape, the expression on someone's face, a picture in a magazine, a photograph or the work of another artist. My work includes small figures, masks and abstract sculptures. In each piece I try to capture a specific emotion whether it be a facial expression or the flow of the lines in an abstract piece.

Art allows me to express an innermost feeling that cannot be put into words. I love that there is no right or wrong, and no such thing as absolute perfection. Ironically, the beauty of a piece is often found in its imperfections. This is especially true of ceramic work where clay, glazes, and the firing process are never 100% predictable.

How did you learn about MakerSpace? How has MakerSpace helped you?

After 6 months of retirement I became bored and wanted to find something to do where I could put my past experience to use. A good friend of mine told me about her daughter. I told her to give her daughter my number and have her call me if she needed help. Three months later I got a call from MakerSpace and for the past year I have helped out in the office a few days a week.

What is your favorite MakerSpace moment?

One of my favorite moments was the 5 year fundraiser. With Emily Perina taking command, in a very short period of time everyone pulled together to make this incredible event happen! Members, artists, people who had taken classes, friends and associates of DB, Scott and SI MakerSpace came together to not only celebrate but to show their appreciation and support for what MakerSpace has accomplished over the past 5 years. The event was packed and having so people there was a tribute to the work they do. The fundraiser was an overwhelming success because if it.


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