Metal Shop


Staten Island

MIG welders

TIG welders

Oxy/Acetylene torch

275lbs anvil

110lbs anvil

Plasma cutter

Propane forge

Coke forge

Horizontal and vertical band saws

Drill press


Finger brake

box brake

4ft slip roller

Disc sander

Spindle sander

Diamond grinder

Hand tools

Work tables

Overhead cranes

60 Gallon compressor


MIG welders
TIG welders
plasma cutting
Drill press
Horizontal bandsaw
Vertical bandsaw
Tube bender
Hydraulic shear
Finger brake
Planishing hammer
Angle notcher
Arbor press
Slip rollers
English wheel
Hand turret
Grinding room

​Sandblasting Cabinet


Wood Shop


Staten Island

Table saw



Compound miter saw

Track saw




Drill press

Vertical band saws


Belt sander

Compound mitre saws

Hand tools

Work tables


4' x 8' 3-axis cnc router

Overhead cranes




Panel saw

Compound miter saw

Track saw



Table saw


Belt sander

Disc sander

Hand tools

Work tables


 Shopbot cnc routers

Machine Shop


Staten Island

Clausing lathe

2 Bridgeport milling machines

Tormach CNC milling machine


2 Jet manual milling machines

2 jet manual lathes

2 tormach cnc milling machines



Staten Island

Makerbot replicator 2 3d printers


Formlabs 2 resin printer

Lulzbot mini

Htc vive

Oculus rift

Google tango

Espon Stylus 9900 Photo Printer

Boss laser cutter

Spectrum laser cutter with rotary Attachment

Vinyl cutters

Tormach 1100 4 axis cnc milling machine

4' x 8' 3 axis cnc router


Digital multimeters

Digital and signal oscilloscopes

Soldering irons

Function generator

Reflow oven

LASER cutters

Vinyl cutters

Ultimaker 3d printers

Formlabs 2 resin printer

Canon large format photo printer

10-spool cnc embroidery machine

Flow mach2 waterjet cutting system

Tormach 1100 cnc milling machine

Shopbot alpha cnc router

Shopbot desktop cnc router



Staten Island

Electric pottery wheels (4 available)

3.3 Cubic ft electric kiln

Assorted hand tools

Outdoor raku area

Red and brown clay available for purchase




Industrial straight stitch machine

Walking foot machine

Janome desktop sewing machines

Serger machine

CNC embroidery machine

4 color screenprinting

Leather Working Tools

Heat press


Access Levels

Class C 

Maker or Pro Members and Day Pass Holders

Electronics/soldering equipment


Most hand tools*  

Sewing equipment

Ceramics equipment**

Class C equipment can be used by any Maker or Pro member or Maker or Pro day pass holder at no extra charge & without certification

*besides power saws and grinders

**excludes the kiln

Class B 

Pro Members and Day Pass Holders

All Metalshop Equipment*

All Woodshop Equipment*

Laser Cutters

3D Printers

ShopBot CNC Routers

Class B equipment can be used by any Pro member or Pro day pass holder at no extra charge, but only with certification of knowledge of machine.

*both the Metal and Woodshop's large CNCs (Tormach & 4' x 8' CNC Router) are Class A 

Class A

MakerSpace NYC Techs

Large CNC Routers

Tormach CNC Milling Machine


Class A equipment can only be used by MakerSpace NYC techs and users must pay for any design, set up, and cut or fabrication time on that machine as an add on charge.

Members and non-members may use this service, but members receive a discount. 

to use our equipment:


1. You must be a member of our facility or purchase a day pass. Find out more about memberships and day passes at the link below. 

2. You must be cleared to use any Class B machine in our space.  This means you either have to take a Basic Use and Safety (BUS) class or other qualifying class at our facility on any machine you wish to use OR you can gain clearance by scheduling a proficiency test and demonstrating to a tech that you know what you are doing. This is for your safety, the safety of others around you, and the safety of the machine.  

3. Class A machines can only be operated by MakerSpace NYC technicians. To use these machines you must pay for the Tech's time, as well as materials and run time.