k-12 Programs

We have been working in New York City schools since 2013. Our education department has flourished and we are proud to have provided STEM and arts education all across the city.

In the 2018-19 school year we taught almost 20,000 K-12 students in New York City schools. 

Mix & Make

2021 Virtual School Programs

Choose 1+2  Or 1+3  Or 1+2+3

Visit Futureworks MakerSpace in Brooklyn and Makerspace SI in Staten Island with your class and get an in-depth look at the maker experience. Meet and see entrepreneurs, engineers, artists and craftspeople who are developing prototypes and working on projects. Explore a wide variety of industrial and digital fabrication equipment and talk about career opportunities in the arts, sciences, engineering, and technical fields.

1. Maker Field Trip

10-minute virtual tour of one of our MakerSpaces so your students can get an overview of the tools and equipment we use to make all sorts of things!


2. Guided Activity Kit

One of our teaching artists will guide your students through a 90-minute lesson. We can either do an in-person lesson, deliver the kits to you and teach the class virtually or we can teach at the designated location.

Choose either: 

  • Doodle Bots (K-3)

  • Rubberband Cars (3-6)

  • Circuit Robots (4-6)

  • Automata (4-12)

  • Tensegrity Tables (4-12)

  • Wearable Electronics (6-12)


Cost: $12 per student (Title 1 Schools $10 per student.) Minimum $150

3. Live Demonstration

30-minute Zoom or Google Hangout with one of our makers. Discussion adapted to grade level.

Choose from:

Molecular Metals

Welding Demo with Q&A about the chemistry behind heating, bending and fusing metal. We will talk about electricity, energy transfers, states of matter, chemical reactions, alloys, molecular structure and more.

3d XYZ

CNC router demo with Q&A about how we use a 3-axis coordinate system and computer g-code to make things in 3D. We will talk about how we use math to define vectors (outlines) and how this is used in other manufacturing processes such as 3D printing and laser cutting. 

Plasma! The 4th State of Matter

See our plasma cutting machine heat electricity up to 40,000°F and slice through a solid piece of steel. We will talk about the different states of matter and how they change form, what ionization means, and how electricity makes it all work. 


We also offer in-person field trips at Makerspace NYC or we can travel to you !

We are a NYC DOE Vendor and ip1 schools receive a 10% discount from our Mix & Make.
To schedule a field trip, email db@makerspace.nyc or call 718-273-3951 x 1005 


Con Edison Stem Days Out

If you are a middle school in Staten Island, we invite you to contact us to participate in a FREE circuit robot lesson and tour/demo as described above. 

Please contact db@makerspace.nyc to schedule  



Custom Programming

We often work with schools to create the programs they want. We can help you develop custom project-based programs that integrate curriculum standards across subjects including science, technology, engineering, math, art, and the humanities.


Please feel free to reach out to us to start a conversation about what we can do for you!