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MakerPark Radio

Questions answered by Kristin Wallace

What is MakerPark Radio?

MakerPark Radio is a Non-Profit Streaming Community Radio station and has been a member of SI MakerSpace since July 2017. MakerPark is volunteer driven and has about 85 volunteers currently. You can stream all the content on the website, the MakerPark app, and on Mixlr & TuneIn, two other radio apps. The radio programs have a focus on the arts and the maker movement. While also showing the range in musical taste from metal to jazz, house music, disco, classic and so much more! The volunteers have talk shows on brewing, urban farming, female artists, makerspace, literary shows in English and Spanish, sports, addiction & recovery, different aspects of the African community, and traditional Sri Lankan arts.

What inspired you to begin MakerPark Radio?

I had volunteered for a festival here on the island, and was inspired to create a community building place. I felt that the arts community needed a place to get the word out about all of the talent we have here. We were inspired by other radio stations that started doing DIY streaming, but wanted to create a real community radio across many music, art, social and ethnic communities. We believe that music brings people together and it really has!

How has MakerSpace helped you?

When we came to them with this crazy idea they said "OK!" so that was great! They help us by putting up with many DJs and guests coming and going throughout the week. And use of the park and conference room sometimes is helpful when we do events. They are also an advocate for what we do, and we love being in a place where artistic ideas are happening around us all the time, and artistic and entrepreneurial people are coming in and out every day, we inspire each other I think.

Tell us about your favorite MakerSpace moment?

The Maker Faire was a lot of fun to do with the STEAMwagon, we set up a DJ booth next to them, and had a crowd going all day. I also personally loved the summer camp my kids went to, they floated around on a hover-board made from a leaf blower. I also loved our Block Party last July, we had over 650 people and MakerSpace was huge in making that day a success. I also love that when something breaks in the studio, like a latch or whatever, I can just get it fixed at MakerSpace. You don't usually think that you can make a part, but we see solutions differently now, and try and solve them ourselves first.

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