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2021 Artists in Residence Exhibition

On Sunday, October 3rd, please join us to celebrate our Artists in Residence 2021 Exhibition at Maker Park in Staten Island from 4pm-6pm. The event will showcase public installations by Catherine Cullen, Mx. Enigma, Paco Levine, Gail Middleton, Caleb Nussear and Tone Tank. We hope to see you all there!

Mx. Enigma

Mx. Enigma (She/They & Queen) is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer and media maker. They are a nonbinary transfemme of color living in NYC. They graduated Cum Laude at Brooklyn College in 2017 with a B.A in Media/Film & a side concentration in gender, race and sexuality. Their work focuses on the intersections of queerness, American culture & the public's reactions. Their work has been featured in 50+ galleries in NYC including cultural institutions like MOMA, MAD, Bronx Museum, Tribeca Film Festival, HBO & BRIC media. Mx. Enigma is creating a large-scale sculpture The Gateway 2 Healing, a memorial to victims of gender based violence centering Trans (TGNCI+) people of color. Carried by DNA spiraled strips, as the cycle of life continues, without those we keep losing, in the colors of blue, white, pink paying homage to the most vulnerable, transgender & gender expansive people of color. Held together by a spiraled portrait, the confusion, injustice, and guilt we all carry to be bystanders to the horrified news and state of the world that we aren’t focusing on Tikkun Olam (actively repairing the world). - Mx. Enigma, 2021

Tone Tank

Tone Tank is an Italian-American, Brooklyn-born artist known for street art, bootleg resin action figures, sculptural installations, graffiti, rap, and acting. Tone's work explores the fading identity of the Italian-American, alongside the disappearing identity of the old New York, and the old New Yorker by archiving recognizable images and symbols from this era of history in the form of sculptures, which many times are also self-portraits.

Tone is creating a life- size statue sculpture made out of mixed materials.

Caleb Nussear

Caleb Nussear is an American artist living in New York City. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion from Bard College at Simon’s Rock and an M.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago. Caleb’s work suggests a higher dimensional order and the equivalency of the human figure with a complex recursive geometry. Further influences are the natural landscape as it is found, an asymptotic “approach” to the work, and the sensuous and tensile drawn line. His work incorporates formal geometric patterns and ideas using ceramics, wood and glass-casting. Since 2018, he has been represented by Massey Klein Gallery.

Caleb is creating a new geometric sculpture for this exhibition.

Paco Levine

Paco Levine naturally calls himself a multimedia artist, since all media are systems to carry signals between brains. Levine is interested in systems of the body, technology and systems for enhancing and transforming perceptions into thoughts, feelings and ideas into perceivable phenomena (artwork).

Levine’s project installation The Reintegration Chamber is an interactive mystic gazebo with sacred geometries and symbols, a portal between the interior space COVID forced us into and the outside world as it is today.

Gail Middleton

Gail Middleton is a long-time West Brighton resident who is a frequent visitor to all Staten Island Parks. She is always seen with her camera capturing images of scenery and wildlife and specializes in nature photography and portraits She received a Staten Island Arts Grant in 2018 for her curation of Another Day in the Life of Staten Island.

Gail is creating a participatory mural, F**k Cancer, to honor cancer survivors.

Catherine S Cullen

Catherine holds a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Minnesota, and studied Experimental film/video at the New School. She apprenticed to potters in Mashiko, Japan and was an artist in residence at the MacDowell Colony, Millay, and VCCA. She exhibits her work widely and is guided by a strong sense of poetic expression, spiritual inquiry and a passion for materials: ceramic, glass, metal, plaster, wood and stone.

Catherine will present a steel sculpture called Tree with Moons as her artist-in-residence project.

Catherine Cullen beside her sculpture Tree with Moons, 2021

This event is brought to you by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.


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