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maker field trips 

Staten Island MakerSpace Maker Field Trip groups tour the facility and then participate in a hands-on STEAM activity in our project space.

  • $300 per 90 min workshop

  • Tuesday - Friday during school year

  • Up to 30 students per workshop

  • Discount for Title I schools

  • All materials included


Our programs are geared for grades 4-12 and we tailor our programs to meet student needs of all abilities. Contact us to learn more about customizing your field trip. SI MakerSpace is ADA accessible.


Doodle Bots

Students make robots that draw by themselves! Using simple materials and a vibrating motor, students make and decorate their own Doodle Bot. Learn about robotics and discuss the positives and negatives of automated machines.

Grades K-2 and 3-6


Balloon Cars

Students build air powered cars. Using simple materials students learn about Newton's laws of motion. At the MakerSpace, students get a demonstration on the use and application of the laser cutting machines.

Grades 3-6


Wearable Electronics

Students learn how to build a simple electronic circuit. Make a custom bracelet light up using LEDs. A fun and fashionable way to learn about electricity!

Grades 3-4


Paper Circuits

Students learn how to create circuits in series and parallel using copper tape and paper. Experiment with paper and lights.

Grades 4-12


Metal Madness

Students participate in a metal embossing project that includes making a picture on a piece of aluminum and learning how to use a drill to attach the metal to a piece of wood. At the MakerSpace, students get a metal heating and bending demonstration.

Grades 4-6 and 7-12


EZ Silkscreen

Students make a stencil of their own design and then silkscreen their own posters. Learn about pattern design and positive and negative space as it relates to both art and math.

Grades 4-12

steam wagon

The STEAM Wagon is a mobile STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education and innovation lab that brings hands-on programs in science, technology, engineering, arts and math to your school or event!


The STEAM Wagon has a variety of fabrication equipment including a 3D printer, computers, woodworking tools, an embroidery machine, and a vinyl cutter.  


The STEAM Wagon is an all-day visit at your school. Students get a tour of the STEAM Wagon and participate in a hands-on project. We can adapt what each group contributes and works on by grade level and developmental ability. Schedule can be adjusted according to your school.


  • Schedule between April and November

  • Tuesday - Friday

  • Discount for Title I schools

  • Available to Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan*


*Our STEAM Wagon is in the process of upgrades and unfortunately cannot accommodate farther distances.


$800 (SI) $900 (BK or MH) Per Day 

*custom projects may require an additional materials fee

10% Title I Discount


Up to 3 groups of up to 30 students for

75 Minute sessions 


Five groups of up to 30 students for 45 Minute sessions 


  • Wonder Spinners (thaumatropes)

  • Circuit Crafts (simple circuit)

  • Cranky toys (automatons)


  • Cranky toys (automatons)

  • Garden boxes*

  • Custom sculpture or project*

custom programs 

We will work with you to create a program specifically for your class or school. Examples of past programs we have done are engineering and design programs for middle or high school students, school murals, electricity and magnetism projects with fourth graders. 

out of school or afterschool programs

In addition to field trips, we will also work with schools to develop custom project-based programs that integrate curriculum standards across subjects including science, technology, engineering, math, art, and the humanities.

For more information about any school program,

please contact our Education Director, Maggie Buford:

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