frequently asked questions


Do you need to be a member to take a class or use the facilities at either MakerSpace NYC location?

No! Although there are discounts for all services and classes if you are a member, non-members can still buy Pro or Maker level day passes, or register for any class. Anyone who wishes to use our shops will still need to demonstrate proficiency on the tools they wish to use to a staff member, or take a basic use and safety class before working.


How does membership work?

We offer three tiers of membership for people who are at least 18 years of age, which can be viewed in more detail here. Memberships are cross-honored between our Staten Island and Brooklyn locations, but cannot be transferred between people.


Do you offer memberships for people under 18 years old?

Due to insurance purposes, we cannot have people under 18 years of age join as members, but we currently offer membership for minors with certain rules:

- Membership for minors is open for ages 12-17.

- Membership must be under the parent/guardian's name. 

- The parent/guardian must accompany the minor at all times.

- The minor and their parent/guardian must work only on one project together - they cannot have their own projects.

- Membership is only available at Maker or Associate level, and the metal and wood shops are not available for use.

- If attending Basic Use and Safety classes, the parent/guardian and minor must each pay for a seat. 


Do you offer discounts on memberships?

We offer a 10% discount to active and former members of the military, police and fire departments.

We also have two free programs: in Brooklyn you can apply to our Community Give Back Memberships and in SI, you can apply to our Make Your Future residency program. 


Do you offer corporate memberships for companies?

Yes! We offer discounted plans for companies that wish to have their employees work in our space. Please email for more information. 


What is covered in a basic use and safety (BUS) class?

Only machine operation and safety is covered so you can use the machines safely and confidently. It’s up to the discretion of the teacher to make sure they feel comfortable with your proficiency at the end of the class, and depending on your level of comprehension and skill, additional training may be suggested.


Can I waive the need to take a basic use and safety class if I already know how to use the machines?

As long as you’re able to demonstrate proficiency and operational safety knowledge on the tools you wish to use to a staff member, then yes, you can waive the BUS class. Proficiency tests need to be scheduled with a staff member before using any machines, and we charge $10 per machine to review. We reserve the right to suggest you take a BUS class if we do not feel you have sufficient knowledge to run the machine safely.


Do I need to book an appointment for a tour?

Yes, please refer to our booking service to schedule a tour in either location.


Can I donate materials or tools to MakerSpace NYC?

Yes, if we can use it we are happy to take donations.  Please email if you wish to donate. 

Do you supply materials and consumables?

No, everyone must supply their own materials and consumables. You are welcome to bring your own hand tools if you wish.


Do you accept contract work if I need something made?

Yes! Please email all details regarding material, quantity, time frame, drawings and CAD files if available to so we can send you a quote for your work.


Do you offer storage space?

Members are able to rent storage space in a separate facility we have in the building. Non-members are not eligible to rent storage space. Below is the price per month for storage:

12” x 18” x 24” small lockers - $20

12” x18” x 36” medium  lockers - $35

24” x 24” x 24” cube lockers - $60

36” x 36” x 48” small wire cage - $75

36” x 48” x 48” medium wire cage - $100

36” x 48” x 96” tall wire cage - $150

96” x 144” small walk-in - $350

144” x 180” large walk-in - $475

144” x 288” x-large walk-in - $800


Are private studios available?

Unfortunately, we do not offer private studios in either location, and all work area is shared. We do have limited cubicle style studios available in Staten Island. 


Do I need to book time in order to come in and work?

Yes, members can book time through Cobot, our membership portal. This helps other members and staff see who might be using a machine or shop at any given time.


Are private lessons offered if I want to learn something that isn’t offered as a class?

Yes, we offer private lessons on a discretionary basis. 


Can I bring a guest with me?

One guest per person is welcome free of charge as long as they are not handling any work or using any machines. If a guest is actively helping with a project, they will also need to purchase a day pass. Children younger than 12 are not allowed to attend as guests, although we offer many kids classes that will specify which ages can attend.


Is WIFI in the space available?

Yes, and there is no charge for using our internet.


I just bought a BUS Pass - how do I use it to sign up for other classes?

You can email and request the other classes you’d like to sign up for. You will receive an Eventbrite email for confirmation.


I’d like MakerSpace to make my prototype - what info do I need to provide?

Please email us at to book a time to come in and discuss your project. We will ask that you email us any drawings or specifications if you have them. If you would like us to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) we are happy to do so, but you will need to provide it. 


What can I cut on your lasers?

Please view our list of approved materials here. Certain materials are banned, as they off-gas toxic fumes and can damage the machine.


What is the largest item I can cut on your lasers?

Our laser beds are 18” x 24”. Maximum thicknesses will depend on the material being cut.


What CAD programs do you have on your computers?

All of our computers have Solidworks and Fusion 360, and the laser computers also have Aspire V-Carve. 

What 3D printers do you have?

We have Ultimaker 3 and Prusa MK2 printers.

What are your rules for 3D printing?

3D printing is a time-consuming process, that often takes hours to print a piece. In order to give everyone a chance to print, we ask members to adhere to the following rules:

- Users must bring their own filament that is appropriate for the machine

- 1 printer per person per day

- Maximum of 4-hour prints in a day

- If you have a print longer than 4 hours, it must be run at the end of the day so it can print overnight

What materials are permitted to use in the wood shop?

All domestic hardwoods are permitted for use in our wood shop, along with all sheet goods.  In order to prevent tool damage and reduce the health risks for users, we ask that the following materials are not used in our space:

- No pine or softwoods on the jointer or planer - the pitch from these woods gums up blades and has a dulling effect.

- No reclaimed wood - these woods often have metal, dirt and lead paint in and on them.

- Exotic woods by approval only - these are extremely dulling to tools and often have toxic properties.

Can I get materials delivered to the space?

We are happy to accept packages that come via FedEx, UPS or USPS, but any other material delivery that requires receiving via loading dock will need the member present. 


Is your space available for events?

Yes! Both Brooklyn and Staten Island shops are available to rent. For members, a classroom is available at $60/hr, and the main space for $600 for 3 hours. For non-members, a classroom is $120/hr, and the main space is $1200 for 3 hours. Please contact to book your event.


Youth Programming

How do I book a school trip or a Steam Wagon visit?

Please email our Education Director with information about your school, location, and desired date and time.

When do school programs run?

Field trips and STEAM Wagon programs can be scheduled Tuesday - Friday. 


How much does the STEAM Wagon cost?

$800 per day in Staten Island/$900 per day elsewhere for normal visits. Special projects may be priced differently. Please visit our STEAM Wagon page for more information. 


How far does the STEAM Wagon travel?

Currently, we are limited to travel within about an hour distance from our Staten Island location which means we can go to most locations in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and nearby areas in New Jersey. 


How much does a field trip cost?

$300 is the cost for a 90min field trip, to both our Staten Island and Brooklyn locations.


How many students can go on a field trip?

Our spaces can accommodate a class of up to 30 students at one time, with exceptions.


How do I work with MakerSpace NYC to collaborate on a school program (such as after-school or grant funded project)?

You can email us with all details to learn more about how we can collaborate! MakerSpace NYC has worked with schools on in-school programming, after-school arts, garden, STEAM projects, and more!

Can we book your space for birthday parties?

No, we do not host birthday parties or other social events for kids.

Do you offer private educational programs to Girl and Boy Scout troops, or home school groups?

Yes, programs must have at least 12 students (maximum 30). Please email us for more information.